What Is a Clean Break Order & Do I Need One When I Divorce?

17th June 2022

A clean break order is a type of financial settlement order from the Court which has been agreed by a divorcing couple, ensuring all aspects of finances have been dealt with and is final.

Without such an order from the court, either spouse is entitled to make a claim against the other in the future.

What is the purpose of a clean break order?
Many people unfortunately believe that when they are divorced all financial ties are cut and they can move on with their lives. However, some people are shocked to find that getting divorced doesn’t end financial commitment together or potential future claims on their wealth built up many years after divorce. The submission of a financial order stops that from happening and protects your position.

What can my ex claim from me in the future?
Unless a financial order is approved by the Court, both you and your former spouse will be able to bring financial claims against one another and could remain exposed to that risk for the rest of your lives.
Couples that wish to have a quick and easy divorce can often overlook this step. However, the importance of a clean break order cannot be overstated if you wish to protect yourself from any future claims on your finances including savings, properties, pensions, and/or inheritances - even a lottery win can be up for grabs!

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