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Welcome to the testimonials page of Acclaimed Family Law. We are proud to share the experiences and stories of our clients, who have navigated the complexities of family law with our dedicated team. At Acclaimed Family Law, we understand that each case is unique and deeply personal. That’s why we commit to providing compassionate, expert legal support tailored to your specific needs.

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the feedback we receive from our clients. Below, you will find genuine testimonials that showcase our approach to legal guidance and the positive outcomes we strive to achieve.

For additional insights from our clients, please feel free to explore our reviews on Google Business Profile and Review Solicitors. We are grateful for the trust our clients place in us and are pleased to share their words with you.

Additional Feedback


"A team of supportive professionals who knew the procedures and were accessible at times when I was in extreme stress.Accessible and working in the early evenings and the weekends.I really appreciated the support and advice throughout the whole process."Mrs D

"I initially sought advice from a solicitor at a large family department in Sheffield, where I was advised I had no hope of obtaining a financial settlement. I was despondent and then a friend recommended I saw Michelle, thank goodness I did, I am now looking at six figure sum in financial settlement. Words cannot describe how grateful I am”.

"I was referred to Michelle by someone in the court service.  My husband pushed the case to a Final Contested Hearing and he wanted more than Michelle advised me was reasonable.  I was very worried but Michelle was quietly reassuring and the outcome was exactly as Michelle had predicted.  I can’t thank Michelle enough for her hard work and expertise."  Mrs P

"I was concerned that due to the long length of my marriage and relative complexity of our finances, which combined personal and business assets on both sides, that I needed a solicitor with some experience of understanding and untangling personal and small business finance.

"Michelle was very understanding and listened carefully to me as I explained my situation, she explained my options to me in a very clear way and explained what would happen depending on which option I chose.  She came across straightaway as someone who had great knowledge of her job.  I haven’t had any previous experience on getting divorced (thankfully) but the solicitor that my ex used was very slow and I got the impression it was just a job to them which made me so grateful that I had a firm that cared at what was a very emotional and stressful time for me.  Michelle’s assistant jill Raine was also excellent, she kept me informed at every stage and nothing seemed too much trouble."  Mr L

"I had a cross border divorce issue. Sandra helped me to avoid making a costly misstep and got me pointed in the right direction.  Thanks to Sandra’s professionalism and knowledge, I have saved myself from what could have amounted to a significant problem." Mr D

"Thank you for your patience and willingness to see it through to the end.  You managed to get me a settlement that for a long time I didn’t think would be possible-much appreciated." MRS S

"Michelle helped me all the way through.  Her communication skills were excellent, she made everything so clear for me to understand, her knowledge is incredible.   Michelle pushed and pushed the other side, who were being obstructive at times.  I felt that I could contact Michelle at any time if I was struggling with anything and she gave me clear concise advise.  Both Michelle and her team were amazing.  Thanks to Michelle I can move on and start a new life." Mrs B

"Sandra must see the worst that one person can do and say to another once the love has died, and yet she remains constantly upbeat and positive. Her eye for detail ensures that she always has your best interests at heart in order to find a fair and equitable path for you. I was very glad that she was working with me rather than against me." Mr F

“Leanne, I just wanted to say thank you for everything you did to get me through it all. Knowing you would always keep me informed of progress was reassuring when I felt like things would never come to an end.  I'm sure you have much more challenging cases than mine but it was difficult enough for me! I can now begin to move on with my life. Thank you again”. Ms T

"Thank you so much for all you’ve done for me, I’m so grateful – you’ve been really efficient and also a great support when I needed it." Mrs F 

"Thank you Leanne and all the team at Acclaimed Family Law for dealing with my case in such a friendly and professional manner, during a very difficult period in my life." Mr M

"Michelle and the team at Acclaimed Family Law were absolutely fantastic in dealing with my divorce settlement.  Albeit not a simple one, Michelle made it understandable without all the legal jargon and put up with two other very difficult legal firms both in England and Scotland." 

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"Sandra was absolutely amazing!  From the word go, she was understanding, clear about the legal issues and what needed to be done and to the point.  Her help and guidance were second to none, and I felt completely trusting and able to follow every piece of advice.
Sandra is both personable and approachable and puts you at ease with the situation that you may face.  I cannot recommend Sandra highly enough and all the team at Acclaimed Family Law."  Mrs B

"Sandra explained from the outset the potential path likely to be achieved based on circumstances and my values. Developed an open approach to reaching agreement for both parties based on fairness with the children's care central to the settlement. Most importantly maintained focus and a sense of professionalism during a difficult time for both divorcing parties including meeting challenging deadlines and demonstrating genuine commitment to a sensible outcome." MR M

"I was looking for help to clarify the details of a child arrangement order and advice relating to an enforcement order that had been brought against me (for no good reason).
Sandra was quick to arrange an urgent telephone meeting over the New Year period. She was efficient and accurate in her advice about the child arrangement order which gave me immediate reassurance. Her advice about the enforcement order displayed strong technical skills and an ability to get to the heart of the matter without wasting valuable appointment time." Mrs J

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"This is the team you need on your side in difficult times. They are knowledgeable, hard working, kind and successful. I am so grateful for the difference they made." - Mrs B

“I would like to thank Jill.  No matter how busy she was she always made time to speak with me to clarify a situation and also to offer words of comfort and advice.  It made a real difference.” Mrs L

"I've had lots of dealings with Michelle's PA, Jill Raine. Who is has been very efficient, supportive and friendly. Both have made a very difficult and emotional process more bearable for me and the children and I would have no hesitation in recommending the Acclaimed family Law Team to anyone unfortunate enough to find themselves in a situation where they needed legal support." Ms R

“I honestly cannot think of anything that could be improved upon.  A timely, honest and friendly service with impeccable expertise." Mrs B

"You can tell from talking to them that they really do care about the work they do -  and that to me was priceless."  Mr L

“Thank you and your team for supporting me through my divorce.  You have all been great and kept me updated at all times.  I would definitely recommend you." MRS B

"Michelle and Jill were extremely good at analysing the essential issues, proposing a way forward and explaining the process.  They were always available for a one to one discussion and advice when required, displaying a quiet, professional determination to succeed.  Acclaimed Family Law has an excellent team of very professional people in whom I have confidence and trust." MR P

"All the office staff were very friendly and attentive at all times at this difficult time in anyone's life." Mr F

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