Is living together after divorce becoming the new norm?

20th October 2022

With the cost of living rising, many couples are contemplating living under the same roof whilst in the process of divorcing and beyond.

This scenario works for many couples for many reasons such as:-

Sharing expenses

• Taking stock to figure out the next steps

• Putting on a united front for the kids

This way of living can suit some ‘consciously uncoupled’ spouses who are still on amicable terms. However, according to a Zoopla survey this is not a pleasant experience for most — just 9% said they were able to remain diplomatic, while 30% said it was awkward, 27% found it was upsetting and 22% went as far as to describe it as excruciating.

The research found that for many, living with a former partner immediately post-break up was a miserable experience. About 15% said that their ex-partner began seeing someone else whilst they were still living together. Adding to the complications of the situation, 6% even said their ex had a new partner stay over.

If you are in a situation where you think you cannot afford to move on with your life, it is advisable to seek the advice of an experienced family law solicitor at the earliest opportunity to explore your options. Getting the right advice and support from the outset makes a huge difference and allows you to control the situation rather than the situation controlling you.

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